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We offer a complete solution to manage businesses within a single BMS digital platform from Coded Harmony via modules:


Craft a digital experience that resonates with your brand and enhances user engagement. The Site Management Module provides you with an expansive range of tools to control, customize, and optimize the visual and functional aspects of your website.

From managing General Settings like company profile and API to meticulous design adjustments and optimization, every digital nook and cranny is under your control.

General. Customize and manage the details about your company that are displayed on the site via Company Profile, Header & Footer Labels, Social, Integrations, API.

Design. Customize your website header to align with your brand image and user navigation needs using Header & Footer, Heading & Body, Content.

Content. Customize and manage the initial visual and textual content users see upon landing on your site.

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Engage in systematic and strategic management of all your customer interactions and relationships. The CRM Module ensures that every touchpoint with leads, existing customers, and companies is logged, managed, and utilized to enhance your business relationships and conversion strategies.

It is built to track, record, and manage each interaction and transition from a lead to a customer, whilst also managing detailed company interactions.

Leads. Streamline management of potential clients by tracking initial interactions, status, and follow-up activities to ensure none is lost in the pipeline.

Customers. Centralize all pertinent data regarding your clients, including their purchase history, communication logs, and preferences to enhance relationship management.

Companies. Maintain detailed profiles of companies you interact with, ensuring you have insightful data to build and nurture these crucial relationships.

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Products. Manage and categorize your products, while also defining their features to provide clear product insights and specifications to your team and clients.

Pricing. Regulate and optimize pricing strategies to ensure competitiveness while maintaining profitable margins.

Inventory. Track product availability, manage stock levels, and ensure seamless inventory management to mitigate stockouts or overstock situations.

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Campaigns. Create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns, utilizing A/B testing, tailored email templates, and strategically segmented receivers' lists.

Images. Store, manage, and utilize images effectively to ensure coherent and visually appealing marketing content.

Landing Pages. Develop and manage landing pages that capture leads and drive them through your sales funnel with engaging content and clear call-to-actions.

Banners. Create and manage banner ads to promote offers, products, or campaigns effectively across various platforms.

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The Bookings Module works in tandem with Calendars to manage customer bookings, orders, and internal scheduling in a seamlessly integrated manner.

The systems ensure that your customer’s booking experience is smooth, with automated email confirmations, and your internal calendars – whether corporative or personal Google Calendars – are synchronized, making internal scheduling and customer bookings a synchronized dance of efficiency.

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