Team Basic


Team Basic




Team Members - Regardless of your team's size, our Business Management System has you covered. The system is designed to accommodate varying team sizes, and the number of team members it can support depends on the plan you choose.

Team Basic - 3 - This option is ideal for small businesses or startups. It allows up to three team members to access the system. Each team member can be assigned specific roles and permissions, ensuring they can perform their tasks effectively without unnecessary access to sensitive areas. This option provides an affordable yet feature-rich solution to small teams who require efficient coordination.

Team Standard - 10 - As your team grows, so can your access. The Team:10 plan allows up to ten team members to be a part of the system. It provides more room for role-specific assignments and ensures larger teams can work together seamlessly. Whether it's managers, employees, or freelancers, everyone can have the appropriate level of access to streamline workflow and boost productivity.

Team Premium - ∞ - For large businesses or corporations with an extensive team, the Team:∞ plan offers unlimited access. No matter how large your team is, everyone can be included. This plan offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, meeting your organization's requirements as it grows and evolves. From a small core team to a multi-tier organizational structure, the system can handle it all.

Each plan ensures that each team member gets access to the tools and modules they need to perform their roles effectively. You have complete control over access rights, so sensitive information remains secure. By providing a dedicated workspace for each team member, the system enhances collaboration, communication, and productivity among your team.