Content Delivery Network (CDN) - To ensure that your website runs smoothly and quickly for visitors all around the world, our Business Management System includes built-in CDN support through Cloudflare, the world's leading CDN service provider, when you use our "Domain" service.

A Content Delivery Network is a group of distributed servers that deliver web content to a user based on their geographic location. By storing a cached version of your website in multiple locations around the globe, a CDN can significantly reduce load times, improve website performance, and reduce bandwidth usage.

If a user is geographically far from your server, the CDN will serve them your website from the closest available server. This greatly reduces loading times, providing a much smoother user experience. Additionally, a CDN can help protect against traffic spikes and DDoS attacks, as the network can distribute the load across many servers rather than just one.

By using Cloudflare's CDN, we can offer a level of reliability and performance that is unmatched in the industry. With their global network of servers, Cloudflare can deliver your content efficiently and effectively to users all over the world.

By including CDN support in all of our packages where our "Domain" service is used, we ensure that your website is accessible and performing optimally for customers no matter where they are. This means you can reach a global audience with no compromise on quality of service.